How to use the 168 website

Welcome to the 168 website!

We hope you have found your way to some helpful information already - and you're probably here because you want to dig a bit deeper!

Various aspects of the website require you to login, including signing up for prayer slots, viewing some of the more detailed information, and commenting/discussing articles. You will only need to sign in once each session, and then you can access all the extras.

Creating an account is a four-stage process (view the mini-clips below for more detail):

  1. Click any of the 'login' links around the site and choose the 'Create new account' tab, or go directly to
  2. Complete the sign-up form, and choose your username - this will be the name that is displayed in the Watchmen tables when you sign up for a prayer slot.
  3. Your sign-up request will be emailed through to an administrator, who will then approve your account - this can take 24 hours.
  4. Once you have been approved you will receive an email with a link in - click on this link and choose your password.

Mini-Clips / Tutorials (probably best to view these in full-screen mode in youtube once you've clicked the appropriate link below)  :

  1. setting up a username
  2. setting up a password
  3. logging in
  4. adding yourself to the Watchmen table


Once your account is set up, you can add your name to the Watchmen table (see mini-clip 4 above). To do this, choose to "join" the right slot, and as you're entering your username, you should see a list of registered usernames popping up in a box just below your entry box.  Rather than typing the full username, you need to choose the right name from the list of registered names by clicking on that, and then saving the details.

We will add other frequently asked questions here in due course, so please check back again if you are having any dificulties, or contact us for further assistance.