The Journey so far ...

The Journey so far

I am staying on your trail,
I'm putting one foot in front of another,
I am not giving up
Psalm 17:5 (MSG)


Ruth Bussell was a pioneer, who inspired and instigated prayer for Nottingham and the surrounding district consistently for many years. In 1960, Ruth had a revelation from God that He intended Nottingham to be  a City of God (Jeremiah 33:9,10) and a House of Prayer for all Nations (Isaiah 56:7).  This was ‘unusual’ language in those days!


Ruth had a vision of Nottingham with dark clouds covering it, and a war going on. God said He was gathering an army of pray-ers to ‘take the land’.

The 7 PillarsOver the years that followed, God revealed His strategy for prayer for Nottingham, including dividing the land into 7 parts - or what we now call 'pillars':

  • Law and Order
  • Local Government / Politics
  • Education
  • Church
  • Health and Social Services
  • Media
  • Business and Commerce

Prayer task forces prayed into each of these areas for many years.

Over the many intervening years, we’ve also organised prayer through: prayer triplets; prayer breakfasts; prayer camps (praying at the gates of the city); prayer clocks; prayer walks; and nights of prayer.


Significantly a millennium celebration march took place on new year’s day as we moved from 1999 into 2000. Thousands of Christians marched from North, South, East and West into the Market Square.

On Easter day that year a celebration was held at Nottingham Castle when a flag was raised on the flag pole declaring ‘Jesus is Lord, this is His City’.



The season of Trumpet Call began, with monthly meetings becoming more focused from 2005, with our continuing journey towards the restoration of God’s Order, including:

  • Intimacy
  • Identity
  • Authority

As we worship Him, ensuring His presence is central, and his agenda takes precedence, He draws us towards Himself, and opens our eyes, so that we can take part in His work of restoring His Kingdom rule on earth.


At the end of 2010, the Holy Spirit galvanised a significant number of people into a deeper season of worship & prayer, where we heard the call to ”come up higher”, and where we began to cover the watches of the night with constant intercessory worship.

This season continues to gain momentum.

We believe the time is right to encourage all believers and churches right across Nottingham city and county, to make a commitment that will release continual prayer and worship to the Lord from this region.

We are committed to growing in Intimacy with Him, worshipping Him, hearing direction from Him, and running with Him when He speaks.

Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.
The lion has roared— who will not fear?
The Sovereign LORD has spoken— who can but prophesy?
Amos 3:7-8

In 2011, we saw the first 24-7 style events run across the city, which attracted an unprecedented level of support from the body of Christ - clearly God is calling His people to pray, and these events are simply working alongside what God is already doing. in June ’11 we saw 18 churches standing together to pray constantly for 10 days. And in Dec ’11, we saw 25 churches standing together in constant worship and prayer on behalf of our city.


In 2012, we saw a continuation of “up-ping the worship” ... we’ve now established a steady weekly rhythm of worship, where we meet each Monday evening at St Andrew’s, and each Thursday evening at the Shack, in order to minister to the Lord, and prepare a place for His glory to rest.

We also established the 3 “24-7” prayer events, in line with the major Christian festivals - Easter, Pentecost, Advent - where we saw about 25 churches taking part in joining hands together, and calling to the Lord for our city, region and surrounding counties.


This journey continues ... with the added focus of facilitating non-stop worship and prayer across the city of Nottingham, from May 18th (Pentecost) ... entitled “168” (for the 168 hours in each week).

If you’d like to read the journey in more detail, you’ll find more documented here: