Foundations of Worship

When we worship God in Spirit and in Truth, we bow ourselves low and place Him on the throne.

We lay down our agendas, and say “We want things Your way Lord - whatever that means!” ... “Your Kingdom come on earth (and in me!) as it is in Heaven”.

We know that as we draw near to Him, He has promised to draw near to us
   ... and as we get close to Him, then we begin to reflect His glory
      ... in ever increasing degrees of glory!

So as we worship, we start to look like Him ... feeling the way He feels ... and seeing the way He sees.

There are many different aspects of worship, that depend on our revelation of God. The four living creatures in Revelation 4 show us different aspects of God:

  • Lion: reflects God’s Majesty - He is the King!
  • Calf / Ox: reflects God’s Sacrifice - He is willing to be the Servant of all
  • Man: reflects God’s Grace - He identifies with us in our humanity
  • Eagle: reflects God’s Supremacy - He has a different perspective, and rules from on high!

Songs help many of us to connect with God ... and as long as we are sincere as we sing them, and have an authenticity of love for God in our heart, then songs can be a great vehicle into God’s presence.  We must remember that worship is more about an attitude of heart and life, than it is about singing.

We’ve added some songs that we find particularly helpful in connecting with God ... and have listed them under four main themes:

We hope you find these songs helpful too!

Let’s devote ourselves as true worshippers ... lifting up the name of Jesus over our city ... proclaiming His rule in every area of life ... and longing for the day when His glory is more fully revealed!

We’re always on the look-out for good songs - feel free to send recommendations by email.

Worship Him!