About 168

"168" is a prayer initiative focused on Nottingham (UK)

Drawing Christians together to call on God for our city ... until we see His promise fulfilled here (Jer 33:9)

We launched “168” in the first hour of 19 May 2013 - Pentecost Sunday

Many hundreds of hours have been prayed for our city, and we can see a shift that encourages us to keep praying!!


The vision is simple:

  • There are 168 hours each week (24 x 7)
  • We’re connecting together 168 warriors who are willing to own an hour of prayer and worship each week

The core commitment is also simple:

  • To make sure that your hour is prayed each week
  • Either pray it yourself, or organise for someone else to cover if you can’t make it

Are you interested in becoming one of the 168?